Top 5 Azure announcements by Microsoft in 2021

Top 5 Azure announcements by Microsoft in 2021

Azure developers around the globe are in high demand these days as they can create cloud-based applications by using the benefits of cloud architecture. Thanks to Microsoft for making five big Azure announcements in 2021 that will further accelerate the need to hire offshore azure developers globally. With a vision to empower remote azure developers with the most efficient technology and cloud integration tools, Microsoft has made some of the most significant announcements related to Azure in 2021.

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It is an excellent move by Microsoft as developers are critical to building impactful global businesses. In this era of remote work culture, app-building has become more crucial and needs an end-to-end secure development gateway. The new Microsoft Azure announcements tend to facilitate the same and contribute to building more substantial and more secure digital products.

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Most awaited announcements from Microsoft for remote Azure developers worldwide:

Microsoft made 15 big announcements related to Azure in 2021. We have included here the top 5 announcements out of those. So, if you are an aspiring offshore Azure developer or someone looking to hire remote azure developers, then you've come to the right place. So, let's get started.

Azure ML
Now the machine learning will empower the Azure development process. Offshore Azure developers can now develop codes in natural language and convert them to Power Fx code using ML techniques. With this new addition, azure developers can quickly and easily make apps using the Power Fx codes enabled through ML in Azure development.

Azure Arc
The Azure App services can now be available on Kubernetes even if the developer has used any other platform to run the functions, API Management, PaaS (Productivity of Platform as a service). The new addition allows remote azure developers to run the same codes on a different platform with much ease. Features such as A/B testing, portable turnkeys, etc., can be accessed by these remote azure developers irrespective of their location. This latest development will help to develop hybrid apps across multi-clouds by making use of the Azure Arc.

It's high time to hire remote azure developers as this latest upgrade allows integrated premier support for enterprise users by introducing PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure. Using this feature, remote azure developers can prioritize all the fixes, support, and bugs removal. The collaboration of Microsoft Azure with the PyTorch Enterprise is a big announcement for Microsoft Azure users as PyTorch provides a deep learning, open-source framework right from the reading to the development stage.

Cosmos DB
The locally free Linux Emulator helps remote azure developers develop, test, and run applications on Azure CosmoDB through Linux or macOS. 25GB free monthly storage will now be available with a lifetime Azure CosmoDB account per subscription. Alongside, the integrated cache can beset us in Azure CosmoDB, which further optimizes the cost of reading heavy workloads. It will also provide more secure role-based access controls, further increasing the demand to hire remote Azure developers. The new security regulations make it challenging for any external devices to modify any data.

Azure IoT
Azure developers and Azure IoT users can now use the IoT Edge feature to accumulate and store their system's data over the cloud. Furthermore, this unique feature is available for Linux operating system and can run developed applications across both the Linux and Windows platforms.

Final words

The above announcements have made Azure a more powerful, updated, and valuable platform, further increasing the demand to hire remote azure developers worldwide. These significant announcements will result in easy, quick, and secure app development in the future.

With these latest developments, CEOs and hiring managers will be looking to hire the best remote azure developers worldwide so that they can unlock the true potential of their business. Gensigma offers to simplify the whole process of hiring and onboarding remote azure developers by finding, interviewing and onboarding vetted candidates from all over the world without any overhead. Get in touch today to get started.

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