How to Hire Remote Software Developers: Everything You Need to Know

How to Hire Remote Software Developers: Everything You Need to Know

In 2019, IT outsourcing generated $66.5 billion out of the $92.5 billion global market size of outsourced services. Looking at this data we can conclude that hiring remote developers is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to build reliable software solutions. Compared to the above market, in 2000, the same market was worth $45.6 billion. With more countries prioritizing IT education, we have seen an increase in outsourcing revenue as they provide excellent outsourcing capabilities. 

According to another research, 70% of the people around the globe do remote work atleast once a week. Well, this  pushes for a question that why distributed teams are gaining more popularity in the work culture. The main reason behind this trend is the shift in the way we work. Companies are shifting towards flexible talent and hiring remotely to attract the best talent from all around the world.

Continue reading this blog to discover where to find top remote software developers and how.

How to choose the best country to hire remote software developers? 

Choosing software developers for remote working, you need to consider a few things. One of them is the location of the country. Different countries exist in different time zones along with linguistic and cultural factors. In addition, some countries have an abundance of modern technologies and act as a pool to pick the best professionals for distributed teams. If you opt for a country that focuses on the development cost and developers’ skills, this enhances the quality of the service. For instance, Eastern European countries have an excellent consistency of resources and can prove to be reliable places for remote hiring.  

Before selecting the country, you will be outsourcing to consider the following: 

● The cost of development must be sufficiently lower than hiring an in-house team.

● The team should be able to collaborate in English. 

● The corporate culture of the vendor must be compatible with your working style. 

●     The time zone needs to overlap your business hours. 

Where to find the right software developer  

1. Browsing the Internet  

There are some splendid platforms that will help you to hire developers online for remote work. Some of them are as follows:  

  • Toptal  
  • Pilot  
  • YouTeam  
  • Scalable Path  
  • CodementorX 
  • MoonLightWork  
  • Upwork 
  • Ask for referrals  

Another way to hire a software engineer is to ask for referrals. The changing trends in the IT industry are pushing for wide technical skills and employment every now and then. Through referrals, chances are that you come on professional terms with the best developers in the field.  

  • Networking through social events  

You can also network with potential developers at online events, have knowledge about the specific technologies, and reach out to them on requirements. These events witness footfall of professionals from various fields and software development is one of them.  


2. Hire dedicated teams online 

Dedicated Team model is a way to hire remote developers and set up a development office on the vendor's premises. Within this model, remote software engineers report to you or someone on your side directly. They also act as parity to your in-house engineers, seamlessly expanding your in-house development unit.  

Why choose dedicated distributed teams: 

  1. You only hire those candidates who you've interviewed and approved yourself.
  1. Developers are working for you full time and fully dedicated to the project.
  1. You can seamlessly scale your remote development team, adding developers as your project grows and hire as many remote developers as you need.
  1. The vendor takes care of your employees' well-being and comfort.   

Here are a few tips that will help you hire remote software developers as an asset to your company:

  • Gather  requirements

The first step to hire a software engineer is to gather all the requirements. These include having an idea about the project, letting out the job descriptions, the size of the team, along with the workflow. It will help in maintaining transparency while describing the workflow. Also, this has a vital role in hiring the right kind of specialists in the global market. With the right descriptions, you will save time and put your energy into interviewing the potential candidates.

  • Form a team and develop trust  

Remote hiring will be beneficial if there is a trust factor amongst the team members. To hire offshore developers, try and include members that aim to build a team culture that helps to boost growth both professionally and personally. Also, while looking for software developers, look for traits like consistency. It has a significant role to play in the development of software products on a large scale.  

  • Look for skills and expertise 

The next step to consider for remote working is to get your hands on developers with the appropriate skills and expertise. Go through their portfolio and try to gather more information regarding their experience with previous contractors. You should pay attention to important details and have an idea about the work result they produce.

  • Communication is must  

When you reach out to potential software developers for remote hiring, opt for an open communication portal. Let out your project details and ask for any possible doubts from their side. Try and gather the maximum out of information regarding their work, experience, expectations, and specific needs. While considering the option of building teams, make sure you are spending time surveying their responses. Your money and time are at stake, and hence, you should have confidence in the choice you are investing in.  


Hiring remote developers on your own will take a good amount of your time and can be exhausting at times if it’s not something you are used to doing. Whether you're a startup looking to scale quickly or an established company looking to extend it's expertise, hiring distributed teams is a proven solution. Look out for developers who not only have the technical skills but also have the core skills to communicate and work-effectively in a remote work environment.









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