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How does GenSigma help my business?

GenSigma gives you access to incredible global talent at a turnaround of days at around 70% of your payroll budget.

Vetted engineers: Spend less time interviewing & hiring & more time building your company.
Global Top Talent: Get the 1% top talent from around the world working for your company.
Culture Fit: We ensure successful long term employee retention & a good culture fit with your org.
Save Time: Hire incredible talent quickly without any overhead.
Extend Runway: Save up to 30% of your payroll budget by hiring our Global Talent Network.

How is GenSigma different from other platforms?

With GenSigma, you get a team of real, expert recruiters working for you in addition to AI-powered software. You'll always have the human support you need, and a mobile-friendly cloud-based platform to access your up-to-date candidate details anytime.

Are there any upfront costs?

Nope! You only pay if you decide to hire the candidate. Our contract is No risk, No obligation, which is 100% risk-free—no surprise auto-billing.

How can I get started?

Shortly after you sign up, we’ll give you a call to learn more about your business and hiring needs. Once we have everything set up, we’ll get back to you with qualified candidates in 5-7 days.
You will always have an opportunity to ask any further questions you may have about our service before you make a financial commitment to GenSigma.

Can I hire for part-time or contractual roles?

Yep! You can hire any number of employees for contract or part-time roles.

Can I use GenSigma for my existing teams?

Yes! You’re welcome to managing your existing teams with GenSigma.

Where are the candidates located?

Our talent pool is majorly based in United States, India, Poland, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Hungary, Estonia, Argentina & Costa Rica. We're fast expanding to include other locations!

What are the candidate pay ranges?

The pay range can vary significantly based on the position & where the candidates are located.

Do the candidates have legal right to work for any employer in the US?

Candidates based in the US are all legally authorized to work in the US. A small proportion of these candidates might require H1B transfers to their new employer of record. This process takes less than 2 weeks & is fairly seamless.

What technical skills & job positions can GenSigma help me fill?

We help you find candidates for the following positions in the seniority that you need.
·        Frontend Engineers
·        Backend Engineers
·        Full-stack Developers
·        DevOps& System Admins
·        QA Engineers
·        UX/UI& Visual Designers
·        Product Designers
·        MobileDevelopers

What is your Candidate Replacement Policy?

‍We make sure we replace your candidates at no cost should they ever decide to leave of employee-candidate issues within the initial term of . We’ve been operating software development teams in multiple countries for over 10 years and have a process in place to avoid the scenario you've mentioned.

  1. Candidates get an offer letter only after background verification.
  2. Background verification includes exit letter from their last employer, reference checks & employment verifications.
  3. Employees are under probation for the initial 6 months before their role is finalized.
  4. Some clients have also benefited from secure software that offers data protection & time management as part of the software suite.
  5. Employer grievances can be brought to us so we can help in our capacity as local outsourced HR support.
What is GenSigma’s role in candidate management?

We connect you with candidates, manage the recruitment process, & train the employees. GenSigma acts as the local employer on record for the initial agreed term. On conversion to employee, GenSigma acts as the PEO/EOR for the employee.

Why should I use GenSigma instead of my own legal entity to employ remote talents?

If you have a legal entity, GenSigma’s value is in only providing permanent placement services.

Can I directly pay full-time remote employees as independent contractors?

It is not advisable to hire full-time remote employees as contractors because:

  • You risk compliance misclassification under 1099 or equivalent contractor labels.
  • IP & Confidentiality protection is legally & practically harder to enforce.
  • Independent contractors do not qualify for valid and therefore enforceable exclusivity agreements, so your new hires are completely free to keep working on other projects while working fulltime with you.
How does GenSigma tackle compliance risks?

Our licensed in-house professionals ensure 100% compliance with Labor Laws, Tax & Employment contracts at all times.

How does GenSigma protect IP, data & confidentiality?

All candidates sourced through GenSigma are bound by mandatory legal contracts with our local authorities and are under fully enforceable & ironclad IP, exclusivity, and confidentiality contracts.

How does GenSigma manage access to IT systems & data security?
  • Every GenSigma candidate goes through a rigorous screening process, including multiple interviews and a criminal record check.
  • Within our app, we protect your data with 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. That’s the same level of encryption you’ll find with online banking.
  • We provide software so you have complete control over employee access to data & permissions. We provide them necessary laptops on request and you can work directly with the candidate to ensure proper set up.
Can we use GenSigma if we have agencies on retainer?

Yes! We supercharge your current selection of vendors & act as a complement to the agencies. We do a no-risk, no obligation contract, so you are under no obligations unless we provide you the candidates. We’re just happy to help!

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