The State of Data Engineering Talent in 2021

The State of Data Engineering Talent in 2021

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many professionals witnessed the immense loss of jobs worldwide. However, the demand for specific technology experts is still increasing and business leaders are looking for innovative solutions to solve the problem of tech talent shortage. In recent times , we have seen an increase in demand to hire remote data engineers worldwide and this tech talent shortage improved during COVID-19 because of the adoption of remote work culture by the tech giants.

hire remote data engineers

Organizations from all around the world are investing in data science to engage in advanced data analytics and insight generation which has led to increase in demand to hire offshore data engineers. So, without further ado, let's find out the current situation of the demand for data engineers in 2021.

Is there a Talent Shortage for Data Engineers in 2021?

Despite the pandemic's impact on global unemployment, many countries are already experiencing a much tighter labor market. Companies worldwide face more challenges than ever before in attracting and retaining skilled workers due to increasing specific skill demands, technological challenges, and rising competition as paused industries reopen.  But the process of remote hiring and remote work culture gave  IT companies excellent opportunities to hire remote data engineers across the globe.

hire remote data engineers

According to various estimates, roughly half of Data Engineers have a background in software engineering. Unless you have been ignorant of what is happening around you, you know that there has been a shortage of software developer talent for many years. According to a recent research, the unemployment rate for this position is approximately 1.5 percent.

Furthermore, there are approximately 500,000 upcoming job positions for software engineers at any given time, and experts predict that it will rise by a million this year. Given that universities only graduate about 50,000 computer science students per year, filling all available software engineer jobs, let alone hiring these engineers into Data Engineer roles, would take ten years.

The Rise of Remote Data Engineers:

CEOs and MDs often quote that data does not lie. According to the statistics, data engineering is one of the fastest-growing field in recent years, even surpassing Data Science roles. Companies know that they need a proper data infrastructure to perform any meaningful analysis on data after a massive influx of Data Scientists. And they have begun to invest in better cloud infrastructure, data architecture, and hire offshore data engineers from all around the world.

How are data engineers different from data scientists?

Scientists or Engineers? By hearing these two words, the primary difference anyone could make out from these is the kind of work they do. Scientists are related to experimenting, finding new things by using science. And the remote software engineers are the ones who fix or solve specific technical things/issues.

Data engineers are inquisitive, skilled problem solvers who enjoy both data and creating things that benefit others. In any case, data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts are part of the team effort that transforms raw data into ways that give their companies a competitive advantage.

Why should their work be valued?

Data Scientists build the necessary infrastructure and data pipelines in the early days of big data analytics, which was not necessarily in their skill sets or job expectations. As a result, data modeling would be incomplete, and there would be duplication of effort and inconsistency in data use among the Data Scientists. These kinds of issues prevented businesses from getting the most out of their data projects, and as a result, they failed. It also resulted in a high rate of Data Scientist turnover, which persists to this day.

With corporate digital transformations,  Internet of Things, and the race to become AI-driven, it is clear that companies require a large number of Data Engineers to lay the groundwork for successful data science initiatives. As a result, the need to hire remote Data Engineers will continue to grow. Companies need teams of people whose sole purpose is to process data and extract value from it.

Why you should hire remote data engineers in 2021?

Many businesses are now embracing and implementing the remote work trend, particularly in the wake of the pandemic's unexpected surge. Apart from emerging brands, established brands have begun to follow suit and excel in their respective fields.  Organizations are looking for the best people to work with and set up a skilled and well-versed team in this constantly changing and globalized world.

Also, people are looking to work with top companies worldwide to showcase their talent and skills to the world. With the increase in this trend, companies can find and hire offshore data engineers as per their requirements by sitting at their homes and automatically shortening the gap.

Fact check :

"For every 3 Data Scientists in an organization, there is a need for at least 10 Data Engineers." The global market for big data and data engineering services is undoubtedly in high demand. And the estimated growth rates from 2017 to 2025 range from 18 percent to a whopping 31 percent per year.

Bottom Line  

Companies are investing in transformational data projects, and there appears to be no end to this. As a result, it indicates that there will be a high demand to hire remote data engineers in the future. For companies to meet their goals and formulate high-quality products, it is crucial for organizations to change the way they recruit and hire offshore data engineers to unlock their true potential. We offer the best remote data engineers for hire that are pre-vetted and ready to work in your time zones. Get in touch today to get started.

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