Why should enterprises hire remote DevOps Engineers?

Why should enterprises hire remote DevOps Engineers?

As organizations continue to adapt to remote work, DevOps can play a crucial role in streamlining remote collaboration to deliver high-quality software solutions faster. DevOps engineers are one of the most in-demand professionals where graduates can earn big salaries straight away. In today's digital age, DevOps engineers can help you in eliminating development and communication barriers that arise between the idea and execution of software development. In recent times, almost all organizations want to have qualified DevOps professionals as their employees. According to a recent research, the market value of remote DevOps Engineers will grow to US $17 billion by 2026.

Everything in DevOps, from development to integration is continuous. So, to keep things continuous is a matter of great concern for almost every software development organization during the transition to this new remote work culture. In the new normal, most enterprises are grappling to keep their DevOps approach continuous while streamlining their development and operations. For companies to meet their goals and formulate high-quality products, hiring great remote DevOps Engineers is the need of the hour.

Why should enterprises hire remote DevOps Engineers?

●       Maintaining production efficiency

The pandemic is creating a steady shift in the working culture of software development. As a result, businesses need to implement a cloud strategy to support the future of work. Once your company migrates to cloud environment, DevOps enables efficient co-ordination among development and operational teams to ensure efficient product development. In addition, DevOps engineers can also help your organization in managing IT complexities and security risks.

●       Implementation of  technical capabilities

With more of the global workforce working remotely, there is a need for effective collaborative tools across the organization to enable real-time communication between teams. DevOps can help to ensure that infrastructure and application development remains agile to support ongoing cloud migration configuration. In addition to this, DevOps engineers have the valuable skills for time management and project management.The DevOps space is home to regular inception of new technologies and developments which is vital during these uncertain times.


●       Designing and infrastructure improvement

Remote working has challenges and risks, and hence, there is a need to strengthen your company's core infrastructure. Hiring a remote DevOps Engineer will help encourage collaborations and offer to act as a link between the core technology team and business stakeholders.

How does hiring remote DevOps Engineers help you?


●       Consistent Performance

A remote DevOps Engineer helps ensure consistent performance by enabling system migration from the company's legacy infrastructure, followed by automation for time-consuming processes. In addition, DevOps engineers also help in system configuration,maintenance and supporting shifting product application strategies.


●       Optimization

A remote DevOps Engineer will help optimize the release cycles and remove the hidden time drains. In addition, they are also responsible for introducing new software upgrades to speed up the operational processes.


●       Cost Reduction

Hiring a remote DevOps Engineer or a whole team will help your organization automate the applications and increase production efficiency. Furthermore, hiring a remote DevOps Engineer brings along the advantage of reducing IT costs and decreasing time to market.

Remote DevOps Engineers from all around the world

Above is the breakdown of all the top countries providing DevOps engineers for remote positions. India has been one of the dominant sources to hire remote engineers as it holds the majority of English-speaking people on the planet along with highly skilled professionals.


Experience and Salary expectations

With remote positions, you get access to candidates from all over the world. Different countries vary in economic well-being, which directly impacts the salaries which they offer to software engineers. Below you can see how salary and experience levels compare to between all the candidates.

  • 1-3 years- $20k-$25k
  • 3-5 years- $25k-$35k
  • 6-9 years- $35k-$45k

How we help companies source and hire a remote DevOps Engineer?

High quality remote DevOps engineers aren’t easy to find. A talented remote DevOps engineer must have extensive experience and should be able to learn and adapt quickly in the new normal. It can take many days or weeks to find, interview and hire a great DevOps engineer. To make the process easier and faster, you can reach out to our global recruitment experts, who  provide pre-vetted DevOps engineers who can become part of your organization within 48 hours. We make sure that we maintain the most diligent candidate vetting process to provide you with the best tech professionals who are the right fit for your company.



Remote DevOps engineers can help your company by making software development process more productive, secure, faster, and cost-effective. To put in simple words, remote DevOps engineers combine the role of a developer and IT operator, inclusive of coding, system maintenance, and building solutions to an array of problems. As a part of the organization, the primary role of such engineers is to build, test, and maintain the IT infrastructure and allow the speedy development and software upkeeping of the company.

 The smooth running of your company's systems, followed by the monitoring and fixing of the issues, results from the presence of qualified DevOps engineers. However, with the world moving towards digitization that pushes for a remote working culture, companies should hire remote DevOps engineers who support spurring automation and bring digital transformation to the table. Remote DevOps Engineers can enjoy the front seat in helping your organization work efficiently and drive more value for different business functions. Investing in the remote hiring of DevOps engineers is a great step towards unlocking the true potential of your business.






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