Tech trends that will shape a post covid world

Tech trends that will shape a post covid world

The physicality of the real world has gradually, and very efficiently shifted to digital reality, exercising the benefits of the internet to its absolute best. Right from online education and apps which help in tracing COVID-19 containment zones, to food delivery via drones, technology has been nothing less than a god sent source for the world to work in the best way possible, even in between a global pandemic.

Technology has managed to flourish even in midst of a pandemic and is expected to thrive more in a post-COVID-19 world. It is a matter of utmost surety that businesses and industries will redefine their technologies, however, there are some that will dominate the post-COVID-19 world, as a common factor in all of them.
Here are some of the tech trends that will shape a post-COVID-19 world:


With the increase in the dependency on the cyber world, there is a possibility in the increase of cyber threats, which tends to increase continually. These cyberattacks are directed towards sensitive information, extortion of money or simply, blocking normal business processes.

Cybersecurity, hence, is one of the key trends for businesses with data-driven technologies. Much more attention is now projected on the security of company’s data and privacy protection since an increase in remote work puts employees in a rather vulnerable position, as well as the company’s private data. Hence, cybersecurity is one of the most influential trends to focus on.


The world is rather aware of this latest technological advancement and how Artificial intelligence works since the term is not new in the IT-sphere. AI uses algorithms to solve specified tasks, by studying data in large amounts to make estimations.

It helps businesses in organizing logistics and forecasts consumer’s wishes. It provides 24/7 support to clients via chatbots, which in today’s time, is one of the absolute must-haves. Given its efficiency, accuracy, and speed, AI will completely transform the future of technology.


IoT or Internet of Things devices enables connection of internet extended to remote controls, no longer limiting it just to the computers, tablets, or smartphones. Integrated with sensors, inbuilt technologies, and functional software, they are a part of smart homes, wearable technologies, safety monitoring, and waste management, in what one can call, a smart city.

These technologies are much more personalized, taking care of the health and personalizing according to its user. IoT tends to revolutionize the user experience, providing provisions that were impossible before.


The 5G network is speculated to be the future of communication and the game-changer for the entire mobile industry. According to Huawei Technology Vision, 5G would come into action between 2020 and 2030, making zero distance connectivity between people a possibility and connected machines.

With more stable connections, it will increase mobile internet connectivity. Even though it was made available in 2019, it is still very expensive and shall come with more affordable prices, making it a trend to look forward to.


Even though Extended reality or XR technologies are not ground breakingin the immediate time, they are being adopted by the entertainment industry to create real digital experiences, like Snapchat filters and games like pokemongo. XR is an amalgamation of virtual, mixed, and augmented reality.

The influence of virtual and augmented reality will change the user experience and create new ways to interact with customers. It will also make the workplace ssmaller with growing virtual collaborations like zoom.


In the post-COVID-19 world, upcoming trends will revolutionize thecourse of work and lifestyle. More technologies will take over and create a personalized, user-friendly yet technologically driven world, with the above mentioned being some trends that will dominate in the post-Covid technologicalworld.


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